Make Your Own Almond Drink Gift Box

Make Your Own Almond Drink Gift Box

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The perfect gift for a foodie, a health nut (pun intended!), a vegan, or anyone who loves a nutritious, dairy and lactose-free drink.

Make your own almond drink for a nuttier, tastier and healthier drink than store-bought brands.

With our Almond Paste, making your own almond drink is totally effortless! No need for shelling, soaking, blending and straining because we have done all the hard work for you. All you need is 250ml of cold water and 20gms or 1 tbsp of our Almond Paste. Mix them all together in a blender or hand mixer and you’re done!

Our Almond Drink Gift Set contains three 150g jars of our Almond Paste and is delivered in a stylish ribboned gift box with a blank gift tag to write your own message.

Made from:Avola almonds (95%), cocoa butter (5%). Some separation is natural. Simply stir before use.