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our provenance

All our nut products are proudly made on the Italian island of Sicily, a food lover's paradise and known as the garden of Europe due to its rich and diverse food production and gastronomic heritage. 

Sicilian artisans hand-pick our nuts to turn them into delicious jars of nut pastes and creams. All our products are naturally free from palm oil and salt - the way Mother Nature intended.



Mandorla di Avola

Our Almond Paste and Almond Spread are made from 100% high-quality Avola almonds. The Avola Valley region in Sicily is a beautiful agricultural landscape with almost year-round sunshine and calcium rich soil, the optimum environment for producing the "perfect" almond. Avola almonds have a unique shape (elliptical and pointed at the other end) with a thick and woody shell that keeps the fat thus preserving its distinctively rich and delicate flavour and aroma.



Pistacchi Siciliani

Our Pistachio Paste and Pistachio Spread are produced from 100% tree-ripened and hand-harvested green Sicilian pistachios. Grown in eastern Sicily, Sicilian pistachios are known as the "volcanic" pistachios as they are grown in the area around Mount Etna. They are slightly longer and thinner than other varieties from other parts of the world. They have an intense aroma and a stronger and sharper taste, partly due to the volcanic soil from where its grown.



Nocciole Napolitano

Our Hazelnut Paste and Hazelnut Spread are made from premium Napolitano hazelnuts. Napoli has rich volcanic soil from ancient Mount Vesuvius and almost year-round sunshine to produce hazelnuts with an intense aroma and delicate flavour.