Nut Pastes

For that bake-off moment...

Nut pastes or nut butters are made by carefully milling the kernels into a paste or until they're smooth and have a fine texture. 

Our pastes have a high concentration of nuts and so are packed with more flavour, proteins and nutrients.

Nut pastes are perfect for a bake-off moment, for ice-cream making, cooking, or as a rich and luxurious spread for your breakfast toast.  But there’s nothing to stop you from having them on their own - just grab a spoon and enjoy a delicious, indulgent and nutrient-rich snack.

Available in 150g jar or in 1.0kg and 2.5kg tubs.


Nut Spreads

Sweet and lush...

If you find yourself occasionally in need of a sweet treat, then our nut spreads are your go-to nut product. Our nut spreads have milk and sugar in just the right amounts to create a creamy sweet deliciousness.

Use on toasts, baguettes, foccacia, panatonne and on almost all types of breads. For desserts, they’re perfect toppings for cakes and biscuits. Add to ice cream for an extra layer of deliciousness.