The Nut Kitchen is a unique and premium range of nut pastes and spreads - crafted by Sicilian artisans for discerning foodies and creative home chefs.


We are Great Taste winners!

We have been awarded a total of eight stars by the Great Taste Awards this year, with our Pistachio Paste achieving the top mark of 3 stars! The annual awards are organized by the Guild of Fine Food and are seen as the ‘Oscars’ in the food and drink world. 

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Our Provenance

All of our nut pastes and spreads are made in Sicily, on the lower slopes of Mount Etna, by a small team of dedicated skilled artisans who take advantage of locally grown Avola almonds, Sicilian pistachios and Napolitano hazelnuts. 

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Our Founders

The Nut Kitchen was founded in 2016 by two complete nuts, Carmelo and George, who both share a passion for all things nuts!  Their dream is to share the joy of The Nut Kitchen alchemy created by the traditional artisans with foodies and home chefs across the world who love to bake and maket ice cream.


Make your own almond drink

The best thing about almond drink made from our Almond Paste? We've done all the hard work for you! No need for shelling, roasting and processing the almonds yourself. Simply follow this recipe. And like most things handmade, it's better than store-bought products - creamier, healthier and better tasting.